Machining Division

- Hot Path Components / Spare Parts for Gas Turbines.
- Port Inserts, Sleeves, Bearing Adapters for Oil & Gas sectors.
- Sweepolet Profile-Hole Machining for Sub-Sea Projects.
- Calibration Blocks for Advanced Non-Destructive Testing sectors.
- EDM Machining / Notching for Non-Destructive Testing sectors.
- Spare Parts for Hot Well & Cold Well for Phosphating units. 

Fab-Shop Division

- Chemical, Methanol, Slope Injection Skids for Saudi Aramco Project.
- Centrifugal Compressor Base Plates for Wasit Project with GE.
- Off-shore & On-shore Artificial Centrilift VSD Skid Systems for Baker Hughes.
- On-shore Artificial Centrilift VSD Skid Systems for GE Oil & Gas.
- High Pressure CO2 Purging Skid Systems for GE Power & Water.
- Generator Rotor Platform & Rotor Stand Projects with Client GE.
- Explosion Proof Cabinet Enclosure for Client NALCO.
- Conveyor Roller System for Client Steel Pioneer Factory.